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Sunday, January 1st, 2006
9:12 pm
Vegas, baby, Vegas!
Happy New Year everyone!

Got back home from Las Vegas a few days ago. It was a most excellent time. All told I only lost $40 after 8 straight days of gambling (offset by free drinks at the tables). As far as shows go, I went to see one of the city's four Cirque du Soleil productions, saw (and got to meet) Penn and Teller at Rio, and La Femme at MGM Grand with Mazur. The Penn and Teller show was great - before now I had never realized that Teller is by far the more talented of the duo.

There were some great bars in the Casinos. I'm proud to report that for breakfast on Ben's birthday we conquered 4.5 liters of beer (aka the Giraffe) between the two of us at the Monte Carlo brewpub. Between the card tables and the bars I'm so sick of showing my ID, though. Yes, I know I don't look like I'm 21. But don't ask me for my ID three times! Grr. Anyway, there's lots more to tell, so I'll save some stories for next semester.

Final grades turned out well. I got my third straight 4.0, which raised my cumulative GPA to a 3.86. It's scary that there's only 5 months to go until graduation, but next semester's classes should be pretty easy. I think I've earned some Senioritis. There's a lot of partying left to be done before I'm finished with school.

Perhaps the best news of all is that the Redskins are back in the playoffs for the first time since 1999! If I'm able to score some tickets I may take a trip down to Tampa Bay for their first round game against the Buccaneers. Plus I won $50 bucks off their win over New York last week at a Sports Book in the Luxor!!!
Monday, October 10th, 2005
2:18 pm
Zamboni means "I love you!"
The NHL is back! I can't express just how thrilled I am after missing the entire would-be season last year. Hockey is by far the best sport to watch live. Although it looks like the Capitals will be one of the worst, if not THE worst, teams in the league, it's great to have the team back after going through withdrawal for a year and a half. I went to the first two games of the season last week - a 3-2 win over Columbus and a 7-3 spanking from Atlanta. Alexander Ovechkin is going to be something special. And I forgot how cool Zambonis are. If anybody is interested in seeing a game with me at some point, let me know!

On Saturday night I was back at MCI Center for the third time in four days for the Paul McCartney concert. I've seen some great old performers before -- The Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Simon and Garfunkel, Springsteen, Aerosmith, and Bob Dylan to name a few... but McCartney was the best I have ever seen. He opened with Magical Mystery Tour, and went on for almost 3 hours. Some of the highlights: Band on the Run, Eleanor Rigby, Penny Lane, Back in the USSR, I'll Follow the Sun, The Long and Winding Road, Maybe I'm Amazed, Drive My Car, and the Happy Birthday song for John Lennon. One of the better moments was at the end of the set when McCartney got on his Piano, started singing this cheesy "She's got such a little Babyface" song, stopped the music abruptly, and switched into Hey Jude. After that he ended the set with Live and Let Die, complete with pyro-technics. For the first encore, he came out and sang Yesterday, Get Back, and Helter Skelter, followed by a second encore with Please Please Me, Let It Be, and finally Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club. So, in summary: best... concert... ever.

Current Mood: ecstatic
Thursday, September 1st, 2005
9:31 pm
Inaugural survey-ness
1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answersCollapse )
Saturday, August 20th, 2005
1:59 pm
Back at AU
I've been back at Park Bethesda for a little over a week now. It's nice to be back and I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone, although summer did go by too quickly. It's a strange feeling that this could be my last year of school.

This summer was a story of ups and downs. I went on a couple of fun vacations - the first of which was a week in California to visit my friend Seth, who transferred to UF after our freshman year. He's interning at NBC in Burbank, so we spent the week cruising around LA, clubbing in Hollywood, buying trendy shit in Melrose, and seeing a few movies (we're both movie-junkies). We also spent a day out in Disneyland, since his brothers were somehow able to score some free passes. Seth is one of my closest friends and I don't get the chance to see him too often, so it was a blast.

Carl and I took a couple of day trips to go watch the Orioles and Nationals on the road. First was Pittsburgh for the O's-Pirates, then a game between the Nats and Phils a couple months later in Philadelphia. It is a completely different experience to watch a road game. The Pittsburgh fans were pretty tame, but PNC park was gorgeous, with amazing views of the skyline from our seats behind home plate. Citizen's Bank Park in Philly is also only a year old, and while the park itself is pretty nice, it just didn't compare (although the cheesesteaks are a major perk). We arrived fully decked out in Nats gear, and got the royal treatment from the fans there. There were a few good fans around us with whom we discussed everything baseball, but there were also a fair number of vicious drunken assholes. Fortunately the Nats pulled off a 5-4 comeback victory which kind of deflated the fans there, and we were able to walk out relatively unscathed.

The other trip of the summer was a weekend in Boston to visit Micah (which incidentally also featured a baseball game at Fenway between the Yanks and Sox). Micah gave me a walking tour of the city, which is much different than I remember from my last trip (about 12 years ago). So Micah showed me everything there was to see in the city. Sadly it's the last I'll be able to see of him for months, since he'll be in Israel all year! Gah!

The low point of the summer came on my second day in Boston. I woke up to find a message on my cell phone from my mom -- my Grandpa had died at about 3am that morning. He had been diagnosed with a brain tumor at the end of last school year and had been deteriorating quickly. I flew home early Monday for the funeral, which was surreal. Just weeks earlier he was sharp, laughing and chatting in the hospital on his 94th birthday. And suddenly he's gone. I'm helping carry his casket to his gravesite and realizing that I'm never going to see him again. Only in pictures, only in my memories. This was the first death that ever hit me so hard. And I just felt terrible for my grandma... the two had been married for over 60 years. There is some consolation in that he lived such a full, long life, and it wasn't unexpected when it happened. Grandpa, I love you and I won't ever forget you.

My grandma stayed with my family for a few weeks after that, and as with all things life returns to normal eventually. I returned to work a few days later, which helped take my mind off things. Interning at WAMU was a great experience over the summer. I started off working two days a week in the newsroom. It was an incredible feeling that on workdays I could expect to hear my own words on the radio. A few weeks into that job my boss recommended me to the producer of the Kojo Nnamdi show, who was looking for an intern. So I picked up two days a week there, which was good for developing some research skills. The best part about working for WAMU though is that they are so laid back. I couldn't have asked for a more fun and relaxed place to work.

So it was a long 4 months of summer, and realizing that it's kind of hard to write about so many experiences in just one entry, I'll leave it at that. Oh, and one last note -- one month from today I'll be 21!
Friday, May 6th, 2005
12:30 am
School's Out For Summer
School has been finished for almost a week now. I'm tying up all the loose ends of the year and getting ready to move back home for the summer.

First the good news - Despite my uncertainties, I pulled A's in journalism ethics and sports journalism, meaning that I have my second 4.0 of the year. I also got trained to work in the WAMU newsroom over the summer, which will begin next week. I'm actually going to get the chance to write stories that will be broadcasted, conduct interviews, and do some real reporting. It will be an incredible experience.

I also want to start playing tennis again this summer. The last time I played competitively was about 5 years ago, and I used to be pretty damn good. Sadly, that's not really the case anymore, as I haven't hit a tennis ball in about 3 years. At least I'm much more mobile than a used to be, so hopefully it shouldn't be too hard to pick it back up.

I decided that I'm not going to train for a marathon this summer after all. The fact remains that I'm a treadmill runner, and hills anger me. Right now I know I can do 8 miles on the treadmill easily, but running outdoors is another story. Add in a dash of Washington humidity and waking up at 8am to avoid the heat and things become a lot more difficult.

Unfortunately, the end of the year is always a sad time. I am going to miss everybody horribly, especially my friends who are going abroad. I'm sure that you all are going to have the time of your lives, but don't forget about all of us back in D.C.! I'm also especially going to miss Aaron, who is graduating on Sunday. Tonight his dad treated me and a bunch of Aaron's other friends to Ruby Tuesday's for a goodbye dinner. He is one of the first friends I made at AU, way back in Western Philosophy freshman year. I wish we had done a better job of staying in touch this year, and we'll have to contact one another once he's back in CA.

On a completely separate note, I've been having some revelations about friendship. I'm the type of person who feels like I have to love and be loved by everybody. But sometimes friendships really aren't worth it. Sometimes I put in more effort than I should, and it is simply not returned. I need to learn to say no to people.

Additionally, I shouldn't have to be friends with people just because other friends of mine are. It's phony to pretend that I am, and that will just hurt them more in the end. Pity should also never be reason to befriend somebody, unless there is something worthwhile to be gained from befriending them. And it may sound selfish to say, but ultimately you have to get something that is personally rewarding from a friendship. If that person isn't giving you anything in return for your effort, fuck 'em, it's not worth it. My end of the schoolyear resolution is to be more upfront with people, because if I keep my mouth shut I'm just going to wind up resenting them.
Monday, April 25th, 2005
12:04 am
like a person with palsy trying to perform brain surgery with a wrench
The past two weeks have been absolutely crazy. Over that time I've taken two exams, read a couple books for an oral exam, and written about 50 pages for different papers. In other words I haven't had much of a social life.

Friday I celebrated the completion of a hard week of work with a nice Montecristo cigar. The stress just leaked out with the smoke. Also went with Mazur, Carmen and Little Sam to see Sin City. That movie had everything. Sex, violence, an awesome cast, and hookers with machine guns. After the movie we went to watch Ten Things I Hate About You on campus. I accidentally put my arm in a trash can. Good times.

Last night I had Jason, Caitlin and Mazur over to my house for a Seder. Mazur and Jason were being excessively polite -- it wasn't natural. Once we got back to the apartment we called Katie to find out what was going down on campus, and she was going to give us a call when she got back to her room and figured out for herself. Apparently we were forgotten, which is nice because we're not going to see most of our campus friends for about eight months, if at all next year. Anyway, we made it over in time to watch half of Saved (which was especially fitting for Passover!).

Tonight I went home for another Seder, and once again left uncomfortably stuffed. This time Eric came over. We tried to rush through the whole process so we could watch the end of the Wizards playoff game, which sadly they lost. I think I may go to one of the games next week.

Thankfully it's just one more week of light work, with one paper and three exams. I'll start summer vacation and work at WAMU next week and all will be right in the World, aside from missing all my friends. It's a sad thought that this could be the last summer break I'll ever have.

With just one year left I can't help but think about how life beyond college is so uncertain. Three years have gone by in the blink of an eye. It's amazing how much I've changed and grown in that time. Given the amount of effort I've put into school, nothing in the world makes me happier than going home and hearing my dad, high standards and all, tell me just how proud he is of me. I can't remember ever feeling so accomplished.
Sunday, April 10th, 2005
9:51 pm
This past weekend has been interesting. First and foremost, I got an internship working in the newsroom at WAMU 88.5 for the summer. Thank God for keeping me employed. I'm really looking forward to it.

Friday night I went to see the Dresden Dolls on campus with Big Sam and Katie. Also ran into Jason's friend Krystal there (who I hadn't seen since early last semester), so I wound up talking to her for most of the time. After the concert we went back to campus to watch Shaun of the Dead in Lennea and Victoria's room. Awesome movie. All things considered, the highlight of the night was Philadelphia Pizza. I hadn't eaten it since sophomore year. So delicious, but so unfair that they don't deliver to PB.

Saturday I ran some errands during the day, filled out a petition to get Sports Journalism credited toward my major, and went to a Japanese restaurant in Bethesda with Anna. Afterwards we came back to my place for a pre-Rocky party, which had much sparser attendence than I expected. Still, much fun was had watching Clerks and Undergrads. Big Sam did a nice job disposing of a yard of Margarita.

Rocky was... interesting. Somehow I was talked into doing a wee bit of crossdressing for the show, so let's just hope that those pictures don't surface anywhere. The shirt fit surprisingly well, yet was somewhat chafing in the chest area. After the show I waited for Mazur to finish cleaning up, and we came back to watch a couple of Star Wars featurettes with Allison.

Sunday I slept in, watched part of the Orioles game on TV, then went over to campus to watch Cyn's orchestra performance. She did an awesome job, yet neglected to tell us there was a charge for tickets. She did make up for it by treating Mazur and I to TDR (my first teeder trip of the year).

After dinner I went with Caitlin and some of her friends to see John Edwards speak on campus. I swear I didn't just go for his boyish good looks. The speech was somewhat canned, but he got pretty animated in the Q&A session. Definitely a worthwhile experience.

Anyway, this will probably my last day of rest for the semester. When I start some reading tonight, it will signal the beginning of the end-of-the-year workathon. Some of the old concerns are starting to surface again, but I'm hoping it's just a short phase.
Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
1:37 pm
Last night Mazur and I met up with a bunch of people for "Pooja-Palooza," a night of fun at ESPNZone followed by a Bollywood movie. I actually enjoyed the movie a whole lot. I had never seen anything like it before, so it was an interesting cultural experience. If only people broke out into song and dance in real life...

3 novel occurrences:
1 - Pooja schooled me in arcade basketball.
2 - An orgy on the futon (5 people without shoes).
3 - People yelled at for talking during a SUBTITLED movie.

3 things that happened which occur at every campus get-together:
1 - Mazur gets hit for making insensitive jokes.
2 - Lauren sustains injuries from clumsy people.
3 - Anne spoons with numerous people (in this instance, despite being sick).

Micah made a comment during the movie that I was at the top of the dating chain, and that I never get rejected. It made me laugh.

Coincidentally, Mazur later sent me a copy of this e-mail newsletter he received from the author of "Double Your Dating," David DeAngelo. One passage really sums up the problem perfectly: "The risk of being rejected FOREVER is so powerful and creates such fear that you decide to just "walk away" from the situation and hope something happens later." After I've repeatedly experienced rejection, that fear is exponentially worse.

Basically DeAngelo goes on to say that a man's problem stems from the fact that he doesn't understand the situation when he's with a woman. He writes that the woman knows this, and therefore controls the situation. Eventually I'll have to read his book. Mazur has been pushing me to read it for awhile now.

I also just finished an interesting book for abnormal psych titled "An Unquiet Mind," which is the memoir of a psychiatrist who suffered from manic-depressive disorder. It answered a lot of my questions about how a mental health professional reconciles their own problems while treating others for theirs. Anyway, I should probably save my analysis for the book report that I now have to write about it.

On a separate note, I hate "Spring-ing Forward." I want my hour back.
Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
1:58 am
Feeling much better now that Spring has arrived, although still quite stressed. These next couple of weeks are going to be hell, but summer is right around the corner.

This past weekend was a lot of fun, and I hope we're able to throw a couple more parties before the break. Of course one will have to be in honor of all the AU abroad people. I can't believe that it'll be at least 7 months before I see you all again!
Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
12:05 am
Matt Damon!
Sammy Sosa is an Oriole... the world is upside down! All I have to say is that I now welcome the use of steroids in Baltimore. And cork.

Went to see Team America last night for SUB Cinema. Despite a near disaster for SUB (sound is helpful), the movie was even better than I remember.

Lately I've been trying to figure out whether I should keep my RA job for next year. Free housing is so tempting, but is it worth the work and lost break time? On the plus side, it would be easier a second time around, and maybe our proposal will be accepted and the desk hours cut from 10 to 4 a week. I also might be the only returning RA on staff. Yet there's still the late night duty calls, training (2 more times), and a million random tasks that go with it.

So, that considered, if I return as an RA, I wonder if it'd be worth paying the price difference (a few hundred dollars a month) to move into a 1-bedroom apartment by myself. I really like the living situation this year, but a place of my own is very tempting. The question is then, would I be sacrificing a social life.
Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
7:43 pm
Winter break round 2
It's been a great week. I've only had one class since Friday, and haven't done a bit of work since then. Friday and Sunday night were movie nights in PB and on campus ("I said the Sheriff's a n-DONG!"), and Saturday night I went to go see Hotel Rwanda with Anna, her suitemate and co. The movie was extremely depressing, but also an eye-opener about an event I hadn't known much about. Also went to ESPNZone with Aaron and Paul on Sunday to watch the Pats-Colts game, which the Colts unfortunately lost. I don't think I can deal with many more gloating New Engladers. On Tuesday night I went bowling with JJ, Greg, Allen and the roomies. JJ beat the pants off all of us the last game with her all-time best - a 160. Tonight is a final trip to Babe's before it closes down this coming weekend, followed by who-knows-what. You could say I'm keeping myself busy!
Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
7:01 pm
I am a movie addict...
The semester has kicked off extremely well. I finally have some free time to do all the time-wasting activities that I wanted to do during the fall. In the week that I've been back I've watched about 8 movies, but there are still a bunch more that are on my must-see list. Classes are interesting so far... journalism ethics with Watson should especially be great. This is the third time I've been enrolled in one of his courses, and he is the best Comm professor at AU. I've also had enough free time to get back to the gym. I've run about 3 and a half miles each day since getting back into town. I think that if I can keep it up I'll wind up either being really fit, or just wither away to nothingness. Since 2002 I've lost 70 pounds. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done, but it feels really satisfying. Now I just have to hit the weights!

I also want to point out that despite whatever Mazur may say, Harold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle is a fine piece of American cinema.
Friday, January 7th, 2005
1:48 am
Winter Break and RA training
Happy New Year!

As of January 5th my winter break ended, and I have successfully completed the 2-day Spring RA training session. The highlight was a controlled marijuana burn for all those RA's who (God knows how) after 1 semester on the job still don't know what pot smells like. Nothing beats an RD creating a gravity bong to enable a room full of RAs to smell weed's wonderful aroma.

Before exams ended I was worried that I wouldn't be able to go on a vacation. Fortunately I got to go on a Caribbean cruise with my mom and brother (Dad was still in Hartford). We were lucky to actually make it, as our flight down to Miami was cancelled (U.S. Air screwed up royally on Christmas day), and the cruise cancelled our reservation. That worked out well though, as we got a free extra cabin, so we weren't all crammed into one tiny room.

The scheduled stops were at the angelic San Juan, St. Maarten, and St. Thomas, and also at Nassau, Bahamas. Unfortunately we were only able to get off the boat at St. Maarten and St. Thomas. We were late arriving in Puerto Rico and the lines to get off the boat were ridiculous, excursions were cancelled, and stores in the city were closed by then, so I chose to stay on the boat and enjoy the hot tubs instead. Nassau was cancelled due to lack of dock space and stormy weather, so each cabin was refunded $200 (which of course I blew in the casino). When we were in fact able to get off the boat, the islands were absolutely gorgeous. It was nice to just relax, lie on the beach, and bask in the sun after a hard semester. Magen's beach in St. Thomas was especially incredible, minus the crowds.

Entertainment on the cruise was also pretty good. There was a different show each night, and we got to see some great washed up celebrities perform! If anybody has ever seen the Simpsons episode where they go to Branson, Missouri, it was kinda like that. Some of the performances were by Charo and Yakov Smirnoff, and a couple of stand-up comics. Gloria Estefan was also cruising on the same ship, and we bumped into her on New Years Eve.

We stayed in Miami for a couple days after the cruise ended. My brother and I went deep sea fishing with only moderate success, and we also all went to check out South Beach. The place was overrun with OU and USC fans down in Miami for the Orange Bowl, but it was a pretty cool scene. The first night in Miami I was able to visit with Seth for the first time since Spring Break. I also randomly ran into Adam in my hotel lobby. Apparently he was visiting some other AU student who was staying at the same hotel.

Some relieving news came this week. My dad's trial is over after 9 months in Hartford. And most importantly, it was a successful outcome.

I also was very pleased to see that my child psych grade was changed from a B to an A (I don't know if it was a professor error or a curve or what, considering she never actually got back to me), but that gave me straight A's for the semester - a 4.0! It's the first time I've done it in college, and it raised my cumulative GPA to a 3.81. It is a tremendous feeling to know that all of the hard work and effort I put into last semester (at the expense of a social life) paid off.

So now I'm back at PB, training is done, and I'm ready to settle in for the next semester! Most importantly, it's time to renew some of these lost friendships from the fall.
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004
10:26 pm
Finally Done
One more day of work at PB and break begins, although in my mind it started the moment I finished my last exam. This was without a doubt the toughest semester of college thus far, but it's done and I feel a great sense of accomplishment. It's still up in the air as to if, when and where I'll be taking a vacation, but either way, these will be two extremely enjoyable (and relaxing) weeks!
Sunday, December 19th, 2004
11:27 pm
Another Study Break
As I study for finals, I have to stop and wonder what I have been busting my ass for this year. Right now I'm focused on earning Magna Cum Laude at graduation. I think it's a very realistic goal for college, and would involve keeping my GPA above a 3.75. I should be right up there for this semester if all goes well. Right now I know for certain that I have 1 A. I should have another in Behavior Principles Teaching Prac, and in How News Media shaped history. Child Psych could be anywhere from and A to a B+ so I'm trying not to think too hard about that one... ditto with Social Forces that Shaped America. Anyway, if that actually happens, I'd have a 3.72. If I manage to score A-'s in both, it'd be a 3.88. Anyway, I should probably finish these last exams before I start all this speculating.

I think that ultimately I would like to go to a good grad school for business. Maybe Georgetown? Still too early to think about it...

God I'm a nerd. Back to studying!
Saturday, December 18th, 2004
1:44 am
The long and winding... end of the semester
Because of popular demand, I've decided to take a few minutes away from precious study time to update. So far I have 2 exams down, 2 to go. Not to mention finishing up my TA journal and final grades... somehow the journal has reached 46 pages, and is still going. All I can say is that I had better get an A in Teaching Prac for the amount of work I've put in.

Some good news today. After taking my PR final, the professor told me he was going to discount the exam for me and a girl from the class because we had A's on all the projects and tests leading up to it. Coincidentally, this same girl and I were both exempted from Comm and Society final papers last year for the same reason. I think that I need to take all of my Comm courses with her!

I also got my holiday shopping done today, and met up with Carl for lunch. He's back from St. Mary's for winter break from Dec 17 - Jan 18. I get from Dec 23 - Jan 4. In other words, Carl is a bitch.

Thought of the day: Linda Cropp needs to die. How fitting would it be if she was struck in the skull by a rogue baseball? After 30 years, DC was finally going to get its baseball team, and fucking Linda Cropp ruined it because she didn't like the fact that MLB wasn't willing to change the terms that DC agreed to! Go figure. At least a Nats Inaugural Season pennant identical to the one I bought from Greg for $4 is selling for $62 on E-Bay right now.

After tonight's duty shift, I will be done with AA duty for the semester. Unfortunately I can't say that it has been a quiet night, but I'm crossing my fingers that I've received my last call.

The rest of the weekend will be spent studying (of course) and doing move-out condition checks... lots of fun! Hopefully next week I'll be kicking back on a cruise ship, although this remains to be decided.
Monday, December 6th, 2004
11:35 pm
15 days to break!
I realize that I haven't updated in awhile. It has been an extremely busy week. Some of the highlights: a news media research paper that consumed my life, psychology lesson plans and test grading, and a virus on my computer which has not yet been fixed.

I also realized that this semester has been my worst so far at AU. Grade wise I'm doing well, but the amount of work that I've put in has been nuts. I realized that I'm sick of having the burden of being a TA and being responsible for students learning the material, since very few people actually pay attention to the professor's lectures. I'm sick of being responsible for stuff that goes on in Park Bethesda, and being the person on call in emergency situations. And worst of all, I feel like I've been losing touch with some of my good friends this semester since I've been so busy. I can only hope that next semester's workload will be much smaller. Maybe I'll drop one of my classes and take one over the summer.

For those of you who I haven't seen or spoken to in awhile, please don't take it personally! I promise that next semester I will be social again.
Sunday, November 28th, 2004
9:23 pm
Thanksgiving Break
I cannot stress enough how fabulous it was to get away for a few days. I got to spend lots of quality time with my family, get a ton of homework done, and also just sit back and relax.

Wednesday I met with a representative from the Wizards and interviewed him for my Public Relations class. Washington Sports and Entertainment seems like a pretty cool place to work, so I'm going to keep my eye on any job openings or internships that they may have. Wednesday night I went to see National Treasure with my family. I thought it was a lot of fun, but apparently I was the only one who liked the movie.

On Thanksgiving I slept straight through the parade (I suppose it is exactly the same every year...) and had meant to go play tennis with my brother, but not surprisingly we were both too lazy to go. I do have to say I was proud that I was able to get a ton of exercising done over the break and I think I actually lost some weight while I was home, even if we weren't able to hit the court. The rest of the day we spent watching football, and I got to see my grandparents for the first time in a few months. My grandma unquestionably makes the greatest noodle cougle known to man.

Friday I spent getting work done, running, and took my car in for an enthralling emissions inspection. After a heartbreaking Wizards loss (and lots of screaming at the TV), I went to see Sideways with my family. It was a strange movie, but it was pretty funny. I recommend it for all of you wine-o people.

Saturday was more homework, but I also went to see "Moving Out", which is on its national tour at the National Theater. I highly recommend the show. Billy Joel rocks.

So now I'm back at school, and on duty no less. I'm a little upset that I wasn't able to see more of my friends from home while I was away, but at the same time I got a lot work accomplished. At least life will be a little easier until the end of the semester. It was nice to be reminded of how an 8-hour night of sleep feels, too.
Monday, November 22nd, 2004
1:07 am
The Redskins are the Cincinatti Bengals of football...
The Redskins have lost again, this time to the Eagles. And so I get to hear all about it from all my Philly friends. All I can say is that it is a hard life to be a pro-sports fan in Washington. The Redskins last made the playoffs in 1999, and haven't had a winning season since then. The Wizards were last there in 1994 while they were still the Washington Bullets, and were swept in 4 games by the Bulls. That was the only time in my lifetime they ever made it, and I think it was the last time they had a winning season. Finally, we have no hockey this year (which sucks because it's my favorite sport and an excellent one to watch live), and the Capitals have never won a championship in their 30 year existence. If we consider the Orioles to be a Washington team, they have had 7 straight losing seasons, and last won a World Series the year before I was born.

Uh.. go D.C. United??
Saturday, November 20th, 2004
4:28 pm
Winter Ball and cartoon nostalgia
So I went to Winter Ball with Mazur last night after several women (you know who you are!) decided they had better things to do than come with me. No knock on Mazur, though, he's a hot date. I was really impressed with the job that my RHA buddies did putting it all together. Major kudos to Scott et all. It was a nice change of pace to get all spiffed out for something for once.

The music was good, dancing was fun, and the company was excellent. I got to see some people for the first time in quite awhile. We are also now the proud owners of a South Korean flag (just what I've always wanted!). The highlight of the night had to be when RM Greg was asked to dance by some attractive girl, followed by the ensuing display of rhythm (or lack thereof). It's a shame I couldn't get it on camera... maybe I could have used it as leverage for a raise.

Afterwards we headed over to the Pike party at Guapos with Caitlin and Kristen, danced some more, and came back to the apartment to watch school of rock for the twenty-millionth time this semester.

Today I got the chance to watch Mickey Mouse cartoons for a child psych project. Major nostalgia! I think that I want to be 8 years old again. Although cartoons were much better during my childhood than they are now. It took me awhile to find one that I could actually sit through to do the project, since all these new cartoons are just plain bad. I mean, Monkey-Robot Force? Come the fuck on. Give me GI Joe and Denver the Last Dinosaur any day.
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